SEO Training

The SEO and other web-centric courses are conducted according to the need and the background knowledge of the participants.We have seperate programmes for website owners and a completely different set of modules and methodology for experienced web developers.Hence, we assure that the purpose for which the participant has enrolled at WebPro is achieved.

The Course has been upgraded and also includes 'How to make your website SEO friendly as per the new algorithm of Google - Google Caffeine'

Session 1 : Search Engine Basics
Session 2 : Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
Session 3 : Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
Session 4 : SEO Requirements Gathering & Keyword Research
Session 5 : Title and other META Tags Creation
Session 6 : SEO Copywriting
Session 7 : Search Engine and Directory Submission & Search Engine Spam
Session 8 : Overview of all the above sessions
Session 9: SEO & Web Design
Session 10: Text Content & Dynamic Content
Session 11: Graphics & Flash Pages
Session 12: Frames and Tables
Session 13: Link Popularity
Session 14: Overview Of Web Analytics.
Session 15: Pay For Performance
Session 16: Measuring SEO ROI

What the student will know by the end of the course?

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
How to create effective page Title Tags?
How to create an effective and optimized META Description Tag?
How to create an effective and optimized META Keywords Tag?
How to research and select appropriate keywords to target?
How to successfully integrate search keywords within your web site copy?
How to optimize each page of your web site step-by-step?
Overview of important search engines and directories?
How to submit your site to important search directories?
An overview of what search engines consider to be "spam"?
Web design elements to avoid to ensure your site is search engine compatible?
How to monitor your search rankings and site traffic?
How to create effective Alt Image attributes?
How to create effective and optimized text navigation menus?
How to use link titles and anchor text effectively?
How to set up your site architecture to be search engine friendly?
How web page file extensions impact search engine compatibility?
How to integrate good Web Design and SEO together ?
How to create a search engine friendly site map?
How to use the Robots META tag?
How to optimize a site designed in Flash?
How to optimize a graphic-heavy web site?
How to increase your site's link popularity?
Overview of Google PageRank?
Introduction to pay for performance search engine options?
How to measure the Return on Investment of your SEO campaign?